Monday, April 15, 2013

New Track from The Ocean's upcoming Pelagial Record

Thanks to for posting these. I cannot wait for Pelagial - The Ocean (sometimes known as The Ocean Collective) became one of my favorite bands a couple of years ago when I discovered 2004's Fluxion. After chewing on that record for about a year I dove in and bought everything else the band had done. I loved all of it and constantly marveled at the versatility with which Robin Straps and crew turned any conventions associated with heavy music on their ear without ever sacrificing the 'raging slab' factor of the art. Then in 2010 the group put out two records - Heliocentric and Anthropocentric. They are an examination of religion, but not in the typical metal fashion. Both of those records - which saw the group with a new vocalist - are absolute masterpieces that transcend any genre trappings even more than the group already had. I can't say this enough, they are amazing. Fans of Mike Patton and Faith No More may especially want to look into them (they even had the amazing packaging for both records designed by long-time Patton art designer Martin Kvamme).

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