Friday, April 12, 2013

NEW music from The Devil's Blood is here!!! White Storm of Teeth

Yes, The Devil's Blood is broken up, however if you recall the link I posted upon learning this contained an interview with chief songwriter/guitarist Selim Lemouchi where he stated that the album they had been working on, along with a bunch of other demo stuff, would indeed be released. Well, here's the first track from the forthcoming third and final album, III: Tabula Rasa, or Death And The Seven Pillars. This is apparently a "demo" version but it doesn't sound too much like a demo - it's not super polished, but it's polished. Really dig this - reminds me a bit of a cross between Feverdance and Everlasting Saturnalia from the band's previous record The Thousandfold Epicenter. You can pre-order III here.

All this comes via a website I just discovered earlier today, a great metal site called Metal Sucks and their Senior Editor Anso DF. Really great site and they have quite a bit more info on what's coming from the The Devil's Blood here and here.

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