Saturday, May 18, 2013

Z-Rock Hawaii

Earlier in the week Mr. Brown sent me a text alerting me to the fact that Dick Trickle passed. He spurred me to dig into the Ween catalogue and pump Stroker Ace - the song that really is the only reason why I know who Mr. Trickle was. This put Ween back in my thoughts, and led to my breaking out some White Pepper as I lay around reading on this lazy afternoon. While browsing through my nearly twenty Ween CD's (proper releases, odds-n-sods assemblies I made back during the Napster days and all of their Chocodog releases. I think the only two things I'm missing is, inexcusably, the proper 12 Golden Country Greats - which I always forget I'm missing until I go to listen to it because I have a demo version - and the Kostars record they contributed to with members of Luscious Jackson) and I come across Z-Rock Hawaii, the record the Ween Brothers made back in the day with Japanese insanity enclave The Boredoms. The entire thing is a masterpiece from a different world, but these are my two favorite songs from it.

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