Monday, May 27, 2013

When you release things out into the ether, sometimes they come back to you in unexpected ways...

Dicking around online this morning I ran through a series of lackadaisical searches that somehow ended up with me finding one of my old tracks under my musical nom de plume The Trapezoid on a Russian DJ's mix set. I'd totally forgotten that I had, some years ago, struck an accord with Amduscias Records and sent them my track, "A Season in Hell" for one of their anthology discs. Through that route it ended up here. Perhaps a skosh narcissistic I know, but I can't help wonder about the atmosphere where this would be included in a DJ set - I'm picturing the kind of establishment I wrote it for - a quaalude bar in a minor suburb of the third largest city in hell.

I wish I could have just embedded it but no dice. However, the entire set is worth a listen (~1:22:00 in length) - it's packed with awesome, dark ambient stuff. Follow this link and its the second entry down under the heading Mixes Albums, DJ Sets, titled Exhalation, Vol. 2

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