Monday, May 20, 2013

RIP Ray Manzarek w/ Two Keyboard-Heavy #'s by The Doors

RIP Ray Manzarek. These are not only my two favorite songs by The Doors, but both have some bad ass keys courtesy of the late/great Mr. Manzarek. Not to Touch the Earth's dissonant keyboard breakdown really cements my feeling that this song is LSD turned transmogrified into musical form. And Strange Days - I always think of the scene in Oliver Stone's The Doors that this song plays over, with Nico in the Elevator. I really always felt that - and this is no dis to Krieger or Densmore - but if anyone in the band could understand or channel what Morrison was about, judging by his keyboards, it was Ray Manzarek.

image courtesy of LastFM

You'll be missed Mr. Manzarek.

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