Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nostalgia Works in Weird, Weird Ways My Friends

UPDATE: and it would help if I included the video I'm discussing, eh?

Okay, my 80's nostalgia might be drifitng into a dangerous place with this one. I'm sitting in a CBTL working on my novel, using the brilliance that is heavenisanincubator as a soundtrack to finally cut the bullshit and get through these two chapters that are essentially going to make up about a third of the second act of the story but that have sprawled to over 15k words and need some SERIOUS editing. Inbetween tracks the silence from my headphones reveals this song playing on the overhead - it meets with a favorable reaction from me and I linger there listening before looking it up, as I realize I have no idea who sings it.

Nu shooz? Really? Still, in the moment I find that I not only don't hate it (as I'm sure I have at some point in the past) but I'm actually liking it. And it helps me eek around a narrative corner I was until moments ago stuck on, so it gets the benefit of a post. And now that that's all done, it's back to the really good stuff.

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