Saturday, February 16, 2013

Batman, Incorporated #8 (Spoilers)

Oh my! I am very curious about this upcoming issue of Batman, Incorporated which - despite there being apparently a lot of hate for the book - I REALLY like.

Morrison's Batman run, which started somewhere around 2005, was overall fantastic. However I thought what really knocked it out of the park was the short-lived run on the post-Final Crisis Batman and Robin title that featured Dick Greyson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin. Batman, Inc. was the book that seemed to carry on that thread and tone for me, a sister book if you will. But Grant has made it clear that he's leaving Batman altogether soon and as we wind up, no one is really sure what is going to happen or how the ongoing conflict with Leviathan is going to end.

Now, the above cover is awesome, but there's another one that's been leaked and potentially has a MAJOR spoiler on it, though we all know what appears on a comic's cover is often hyperbolic and not necessarily a direct translation of how the same concept appears inside. If you want to see that cover go ahead and go here and scroll down a bit. You'll see it.

DC's solicitation for Batman, Incorporated can be found on their website here. There's also a lot of speculative articles on newsarama. Issue #7 killed one of my favorite peripheral Bat characters - Knight of Knight and Squire, a duo both Grant Morrison and Paul Cornell did a spectacular job with. As Morrison's run on Batman, Inc. is winding down we may be in for some shocks. Especially as the Bat-stuff he's writing is, I think, the only DC book that takes place in the old DC continuity and not the New52

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