Sunday, February 17, 2013

Alice Donut - The Son of a Disgruntled X-Postal Worker Reflects On His Life While Getting Stoned In The Parking Lot Of A Winn Dixie Listening To Metallica

Oh! Great title, great song to match. All hail Alice Donut!!!

I stood outside by the window - Mom lay bleeding on the sofa - Dad dry heaved in the kitchen

I didn't wanna deal

he passed out on the formica - she held an ice cube to her lip - she stared vacant at the screen 

she didn't wanna deal

I drove behind the Winn Dixie - smoked a bone and listened to Metallica - as loud as I could stand it

I didn't wanna deal

I started thinking - he's just biding his time - X-postal worker
eaten up inside - unemployed and disgruntled - eaten up inside

waiting for nothing
waiting for a sign
waiting for nothing
waiting for his time

one day he'll snap and kill her - then he'll shoot me while I'm sleeping
then he'll drive to the office - and kill'em all before he shoots himself

he was still passed out as I entered - she was locked up in her room
locked up and waiting - another day

I ain't gonna deal

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