Monday, February 18, 2013


I had no idea - once again Brooklyn Vegan comes through! "One of Us is the Killer" comes out in May on Sumerian Records by way of the band's own Party Smasher Inc. In the meantime, I'd never seen this before and it was every kind of awesome I thought it'd be and more: Now, if you're unfamiliar with DEP here's one of their songs for a little juxtaposition (watch the singer in the hood at about 0:08):
I first saw these guys open for Mr. Bungle on the original stint of the California tour. I had no idea who they were, all I knew was one minute my friends and I were near the front of the stage waiting for the show to start, the next the lights went out and furious strobes sent the whole room into seizure-mode. Five violently spastic and extremely intense individuals appeared and began to make music the likes of which I'd never heard before. These figures on the stage didn't look like people, they looked like... demons. Demons made entirely of static. I was literally afraid. Years later I was backstage at a show at Chicago's Metro with my friend Dave when we saw the guitar player smash his guitar and send it sailing out into the crowd where it connected with someone's face. 


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