Thursday, February 14, 2013

Playmobile Joy Division Perform Transmission (and...)

This is fantastic - if you watch, they even have the Playmobile Ian Curtis dance a bit like In Curtis did.

I've been having a very Anglophile year thus far, what with all the Pulp, Smiths, Eddie Campbell, Alan Moore, Gary Spencer Millidge, etc. A couple weeks ago it was a brief but rabid Joy Division jag that has come back around today. I've been dying to go out and buy a copy of Control, the brilliant 2007 biopic written by Matt Greenhalgh, directed by Anton Corbijn and based on Ian Curtis' widow Deborah Curtis's Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division. That film is available on Vimeo in segments, the first I posted below, however how do you watch this kind of beautiful B&W in segments? Control is brilliant and beautiful but very sad. There's a fabulous scene where they had the actor who played Curtis walk the actual walk rom home to work that Curtis did every day - detail such as this makes for greatness, and even though by the end of the film the tone is as dower as it gets, for Joy Division fans, Anglophiles and rock history buffs Control is a must-see. And the above, which I found accidentally on youtube, should help take the edge off the dark stuff.
Joy Division story (Control)-part 01 from jomenz on Vimeo.

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