Sunday, February 24, 2013

Joy Division Live

My god, what year do you think this footage is from? Youtube truly has EVERYTHING on it Watching/hearing this sends chills down my spine. Words simply cannot express just how important I feel that Joy Division was to music and, subsequently, on comics (80's*/early 90's Vertigo stuff has Joy Division just dripping from it, as if the authors/artists were listening to their music at the time and acted as transducers, turning the sound of Joy Division into their words pictures. I've always thought the same could be said of much of The Smiths' music).


* I should clarify that what I am perhaps clumsily referring to here is the fact that although Vertigo did not come into being until 1993 there were precursors at DC that would later be "re-branded" as Vertigo books, ie Alan Moore's Swamp Thing or even V for Vendetta which although published under the Vertigo banner for some time now, originally began as a serial in the pages of Warrior circa the early 80's.

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