Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hilarious! Reggae Version of megadeaf's symphony of destruction

This is amazing!!! Mr. Brown just sent this to me, immdiately upon hearing it I knew I had to repost it for everyone's comedy enjoyment. I HATE megadeth. I HATE dave mustaine (not mortal hate, but you know, he's just such a fuckin' wanker). I especially HATE everything from this stupid album, the album where he looked at metallica's then newfound commercial success and said, "ME TOO! ME TOO!". At least w/ larsy-poo and crew you can see how, after making a technical masterpiece like ... And Justice for All, who wouldn't want to step back a bit and simplify the operation. You know, call in a big producer like Bob Rock and have a go at it. But Mustaine, ugh. countdown to irrelevancy is such a forced attempt. And he drew up the characature he would enforce as his brand logo and even went so far as to go back and re-record the vocals for the four good (and two magnificent) albums he'd created up to that point. metallica might have sold out, but mustaine became a fucking whore and now twenty years down the line the responsibility of that has eaten away his brain and caused him to become a complete right-wing fruitloop. And as such, when I see people lob intelligent criticism or witty insults his way, I laugh and give a thumbs up. That's what we have here. Nice work Andy Rehfeldt, nice work.

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