Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rosenkopf - Burning Spirits

So I was hunting around on my favorite music blog heavenisanincubator and on accident I hit the 'Next Blog' button that blogger puts at the top of all its pages. It's an interesting idea - kind of a way to just move to a random blog, or just to get to know your neighbor. Well, the next blog over from the mighty 'incubator is the tour diary for a band called Rosenkopf. I'd never heard of them before and immediately flipped over to youtube and looked them up, them flipped back and began reading. I'm not entirely sure what year this tour diary is from, I believe it was 2012. You can click on the widget above and follow back to Rosenkopf's bandcamp where the track is available for free download. There's also a host of stuff on youtube which I'm kinda working my way through now, inbetween repeated listens to The Oceans' Pelagial. I've posted one of the live tracks below.

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