Saturday, February 2, 2013

Eli Roth's Goretorium

So December 21st is my anniversary (8 years!) and this year we drove out to Las Vegas. My wife is on some magic list to get suites at Luxor a couple of times a year for like thirty-eight bucks or something and we love to drive in for two days and then drive out. I always make an attempt to procure mushrooms for the journey but failed this time, which was a bit of a let down but hey, I was with my baby AND we got my good friend Mr. Brown to meet us out there, so I was in the best of company. Probably the best thing we did this time was the above - Mr. Roth's Goretorium is fantastic and well worth the price of admission (somewhere around thirty bucks). It's basically a haunted house with Hollywood-grade special effects and I loved every minute of it despite being a fan of pretty much only one movie by Mr. Roth to date - Cabin Fever. Hostel was, simply put, one of the worst movies I've ever seen. AT one point it had made me seriously dislike Mr. Roth (how do you apprentice/intern to David Lynch and then make a movie that bad?) but I have high hopes for Thanksgiving and just the amount of time, money and effort the guy puts into undiscovered talent and producing worthwhile projects shows he's a stand up guy.

Next time you go to Vegas, Mr. Roth's Goretorium really is worth a visit.

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